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Highlights (Van Hunt)

The only thing you ever wanted to be Is a movie star The only role you ever wanted to play Is the person you are You made a cameo appearance in the backseat Of my mother's car But I didn't know that it was to be A very small part It hit me kind of hard Did I mean anything to you Did I just play the fool In my heart I guess I always knew You had more to prove Did I mean anything to you How much acting did you do In my heart I guess I always knew I'd never be more than one among a few Highlights, highlights A scene from your life Highlights, highlights Just a good time Old lovers turned critics curse at you On the silver screen You tell 'em, "I don't give a damn what you say Long as you're talkin' 'bout me" All the pretty girls around you cloud your sexuality We've only been apart for less than a week But you make leaving me look easy Years spent fuckin' your sister for your father's affection Left you confused and your performance lacks direction So many unanswered questions