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Seconds Of Pleasure (Van Hunt)

Oh, girl it's what you say between a phrase It's written in your face It's rain against a windowpane The sound it makes It's dreamin' the day away It's the shine of a precious pearl Light of the world It's the smile of our baby girl It's finding a moment for a thought so pure It's a walk along the shore I hold on to the feeling I don't know when I will feel it again I've become amused by the little things Seconds of pleasure Second of pleasure Life's little treasures Ooh, girl, it's small talk A touch so soft It's watchin' you walk It's the taste of a sour pop - a lemon drop It's the last one in the box It's a kiss in the mornin' sun A few minutes of fun Before you have to run It's all of the little things that you've done To ease my burden and my confusion Second of pleasure Life's little treasures