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All for This (Moody Ben)

Seventeen itself assured in secret so to blame Hold it in, its not a sin, its just a shame Youre not alone, this man he loves you In spite of everything you are But not by my grace Of the shadows cast in corridors of human hearts Faith is fact my favorite fiction by far And every step Ive ever taken In its grip, the cores the same Ive fallen on my face Chorus I, Im no more than what you see Never let me halfway on a cross or on my knees Time took all the faith I need Born to stand on trial, abandoned by the hand that feeds Close your eyes and hold on, this will all be over soon Just another pound of flesh before you go And after all the dirt and pain and hate and sin has washed away Whats left of me to love? Chorus If you love me at all Just let me go and be no more Jesus, though I dont believe in this whole give-and-take Wont you just deliver me once more for old times sake ? Chorus x2 My faith, my fears, all I believe My home, my heart is all I have free My smile, my tears, all I have free Will die with you and this to see