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Letting You Go (Faktion)

The things that make us deep Are the things that we wont speak Well, you and I We don't feel like we used to Every day's a memory gone by What they are to me Too many words to ever speak So I'm here inside And I'm still alive How do we make it all real I just cant decide I want to know you for a while Instead of letting you go again I can't be stuck here forever, you know I'm on fire, I am I'm letting you know I'm letting you go I watch you go The things that bring us together Only wait to tear us apart Time goes passing over us We get lost within our hearts And nobody ever can remember How we got there strong or not We've gone limber and bent ourselves Towards our differences now Pulling us apart They always try to tell you You'll be alright in time But what do they know They're just another That's missing something on the inside And how we'll ever be Better than a memory Is the question You will ask me You will ask me in your dreams In your dreams You will ask me in your dreams I will see you in your dreams