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The Prolonging (Triptykon)

As you descend, I shall rise Your demise shall be my conception Your failure shall be my triumph I shall feed from your decay Your despair shall give me strength As you degenerate, I shall prosper Your misfortune shall make me jubilant As you suffocate, I shall breathe Repressed, your own mortality Drunk of pitiful delusion I shall be your parasite Born from your imbecility I shall tie your mortal limbs I shall invade your thoughts I shall belittle your aspiration I shall obliterate your hope I shall break your will I shall devour your flesh As you perish, I shall live You shall drown in my contempt Drained of life and all emotion I shall be your eternal foe I shall expose for ridicule Your designs for your salvation Liar! I shall feast on your misfortune I shall remember all your lies Truth has never been of essence As you devised your fallacies Liar! As you deteriorate I shall create my kingdom As you sink into waves of darkness I shall find my brightest light As you perish, I shall live