A Semblance Of Sanity (Chalice)

A mighty and unprecedented thought A vagrant memory from wilderness Where the civil and the servant are sought And tracing living death is frivolous It's this I leave for you alone to press Yet comprehension I doubt for myself The cane that leads the blinded but a guess This trivial barometer of health A reckoning of sorts, 'twas left upon the shelf A tectonic fault plagues the mind of man The blameless shame of dreams undreamt within I am the echoed conflict, not the span The pleasure of the motive, then the sin Stigmata is the shepherd of the skin The cloak of greater chaos shields the sane From inertia of the linear spin The rupture of the twist imbibes the brain From where I cast the cane, so too doth come your flame A rooftop dungeon and jigsaw romance Permeates the refuge of unreason The conceptual conclave - change each stance Through varied mutations of the season By soul and mind conspiring to treason To unify and segregate as one Always is the remnant of a lesion Out frailty inherent in the sun The madness has been spun, our web design undone On gaining sanity - we think alone A mosaic of ancient hopes, we hold the chisel But we dare not touch the stone One cannot break the magic from the mould Nor know the fate of dice that haven't rolled Stack your unmatched driftwood upon the pyre Then dare to think the madness is controlled So as you pause, fool... bleeding from the wire From where you lost the flame So too doth come my fire