Memorial Embers (Chalice)

Where once a naive child learnt the ropes of life and pain An ashen path has forged to view those remnants with disdain As leaves descending earthward are a seasonal display Within those trees and subtle breeze I fell to grace today Where once a sheltered boy had learnt the sadness of his past An ashen path has forged to burn the memories at last As snakes discard their fettered skin and carry on the same Without that flesh the life is fresh, as though reborn again Shadows of a candle once adorned With ambiance beneath a dying flame Unending is the grief so long alone The crying light to death reborn again Reborn again Reborn again Today the snakes lie naked And the land's adorned with leaves And I rest upon the sunset With a soul that's learnt to breathe Today I fell to grace Amongst a thousand rising embers Beneath the sky they fade and die At last... lest I remember