Solitary Waves (Chalice)

The change is made within an innocent breath A veil around an existence Accursed with a solitary death Dancing a line of unending decline Over chasms I knew not to be A wave of emotions 'pon desolate oceans That drown in a lust to be free Though birds may sing it is oft unsure Does the joy of life from their spirits stem? To grace the skies yet shy away From the eyes that most adore them All that is hurt and all that is loved are one Does the blood on these hands Now dry in the heat of the sun? Admist a sea of tranquility Must I writhe on a desperate shore? A spirit and mind no longer aligned With an honour I cannot restore Guilt shall feed the nightmares That I slumber with this eve Tomorrow I must walk among the shame How sad it is, a mind that Harboured such control and pride Is now the sickened brethren of the lame