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Ashes On Your Eyes (Deb Talan)

Just about the time your heart breaks like a wheel not in a straight line, but all in pieces some you'll leave behind on a road you won't revise No, you won't revisit that dirty compromise. Now you only dream in peaceful blue the morning doesn't even scare you anymore. You are a phoenix with your feathers still a little wet Baby, the ashes just look pretty on your eyes. So look up, up ahead the city lights are dancing for you. Or is it the aurora burning off the edges of the sky? Don't cry, don't cry that's all over now. Dry your wings in the sun you have only begun to understand. When it's time to move on there is no one to hold your hand. So let go. Here the night is fine, the stars are sparks of steel chiseled in the mines of twilight. You tell me something real, say "Don't try, don't try. Just remember how."