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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Sprung (Clea)

Still in bed, thinking about his kisses Oh what a night, what's his name, I think I'll miss him The smell of eggs, He's cooking in my kitchen Is he for real, gonna make it hard to ditch him (Chorus) Got me sprung on you, what you tryin' to do? It was supposed to be just one night with you Now you're in my head, â¬Üstead of in my bed It was supposed to be just one night with you La La La What do I do? Play it cool I lose him Next thing I know, we're on the floor, I'm sweating He's got a plan, and he knows its working Yeah here's the man, say my name I'm admitting (I'm admitting) CHORUS No this just isn't me, I said I'll never be Caught up slipping I can't do that Baby stay don't you go â¬ÜCause I know once you're home I'll be calling you to come back CHORUS x 2