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Ur A Girl (Junior Senior)

I know a girl and I know her name I'd like to know her better We're hanging out and I'm hanging in all I can do is try girl There goes my baby, down, down the street she tells me maybe she wants to meet a little later But my ears are still ringing my heart keeps singing your name when I close my eyes Woah you're my girl A little later, later that night you pull a skater, you rolled into sight you started dancing well I don't recall kissing so howcome I'm missing the way that you held me tight Well you're my girl Oooohhhh Keep keep keep on rocking Yeah Oh, take me down For the first time alone by our side we hear the wind chime, some rain fall outside you move in closer, and the thunder & lightening you seemed so frightened but the scariest thing of all that sure is love, cuz your a girl yeah you're my girl Keep, keep keep keep on rocking yeah whooo Take me, take me Just take me down to the other side of town