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Flirtin' With Me (Blaine Jason)

There's lipstick on a long neck On a barstool in a short dress And high heels tappin' time with the band If your lucky might get to Get a glimpse of a butterfly tattoo That flutters on the small of her back And the honkey tonk starts to shake With every little move that she makes She turns the rowdy up loud She stands out in a crowd Just play my favorite song The one that goes "yee-ha" everybody singin' along Rhythm of the music on a neon night... Wantin' and wishin they could hold her tight Hotter than a hundred degrees Ya I don't know for certain but I think that girl is flirtin' with me She's a sweet dream she's a heart attack She's a 4x4, she's a cadillac She's anything and everything good She's a hurricane, she's a blue sky She's the girl-next-door, but she ain't shy She's heartland and she's Hollywood I swear a couple times she flashed those come and get me eyes.