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Lights Are Low (Injected)

let's all go to the underground, some kind of social lost and found check all your baggage at the gate makin sense at 6 but i won't by 8 pulled like a magnet to the door the faces are new but you've seen them before spit out the truth that we're scared to say that's why we come here anyway i like to live where the lights are low, sometimes i feel there's nowhere to go. set you alight and i'll set you free you never meant that much to me. a couple shots and we're feelin straight we shoot it up cause i hate to wait we're talkin shit and we talk it loud the seedy kids are my favorite crowd well write your number down for me to end up on the floor i guess it ain't meant to be what's her name? well i'm scared to say... that's why i came here anyway what's my game? you don't want to know i took too much and i'm feelin low set me free cause i'm on my knees it's such a bitch you're so hard to please