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Misfortune (Injected)

found me dead on the side of the road, barely breathing, but my soul was seething alone, from all my guilt and shame found you dead inside of your room, barely breathing but your soul was screaming alone, it's time to put away your pain it's time you found out what i've been on about well misfortune's plain to see when she's staring back at me ms. fortune's plain when i came to i opened my eyes and i breathed in all the life i was pushing away before i'd go insane i look through you and i see something there that you don't see, if only you'd choose to believe me. you know you're more than just your pain. it's time you found out what i've been on about it's time you knew, those eyes see right through you the things that we've known, we've held too much to keep it inside and hidden in the spaces we've shown why run, when there's nothing to hide?