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Holding On (The Illumination)

Meet me where the ocean meets the sky. We knew it had to end, we tried to keep it going. We’re all trapped in our own lives. Our own situations have consumed us. But when I look back, I like to think I’ve changed. The person I was will not define me. Set it off. Cold feet, no sleep and a troubled mind. I’m days away from yesterday. Finding reasons just to reason with myself, so I don’t feel this way anymore. Cold feet, no sleep, I’m alone in my head again. Finding reasons just to keep holding on. Keep holding on. Trapped under ice and I’m breaking through. Everything I’ve lost has become so clear. No, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Finding reasons just to keep holding on, through broken promises and separate ways. There’s a part of us that stays the same, there’s a part of you and I that will never change.