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Voice Of The Voiceless (The Illumination)

With my back against the wall, I knew I’d find you here. All these contradictions have led us nowhere. We all have our problems, we all have our own faults. Show me a sign and you will be saved from this hell on earth. Give me a sign they will be saved. Deal with your own faults first. Giving into sin has never been so easy, when the devil on my shoulder tells me there’s no hope. Face to face with life I stand, fighting for the upper hand. Yeah I’m fighting for the upper hand. I’ve walked through your hell and I didn’t get burned. Another day with you, that is a lesson learned. We are the silent ones that live without voices, the voice of the voiceless. Could you look back on your life without regret? Without the doubt? Without your voice. We are preachers of the same faith, what makes us different makes us the same.