Getting Closer (Ali Tatyana)

When it comes down to me and you Theres no demand to what we do Met no one like you it's been a while When I say it's been a while this you best believe it child, I talk to you like you were my best friend. I love the fact that you're talking too 'cause I damn near gave my heart to you Those things that make us frown make us smile So lay your head and rest Be happy 'cause you've got the best we get closer it's true. Chorus- I can feel us getting closer And boy you know I want you I can feel us getting closer Don't know what I would do without you I love it when you're here with me My days with you are so sweet You clear up all the things thats on my mind You know all the right things to do Somehow they get me in the mood Your smile seems to take control of me God knows what I would do for you And what I feel no lie is true I see the future baby It's me and you Chorus 2x Kel spencer: This whole friendship thing is cool But lets take it past that Give kel spencer the rap cat That's a class act We've been friends for a while But you're style and your smile Makes me want to take it that extra mile We can hold hands in the rain or chill in the shade Le me know something, 'cause I know you feeling the same Real cool friendship we kept it up now it's time to step it up Change in plans do it nice and smooth We both invisioned it right? Now instead of kissing the sky start kissing this guy Ay yo! it's real for you What I feel for you And I'm gonna make it real ill for you Patinum voice, gold dig, complexion Draws my fellings in your direction I know you're away at school, me too Abscense makes the heart grow founder so it's cool. Chorus 2x