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Ten-Twenty-Ten (Generationals)

When I need it so bad Why do you not come to defend Is there any way to tell me That you're gonna be a terrible friend You remind me of a distant constellation The way you color it up But don't let me touch So now you wanna know Is that important Well maybe now And it just depends It just depends And when you come back uptown Remember not to look for me there I give you one more chance to make it better But you don't seem to care You pretend to be ????? by tradition And now you cover it up Tell me you don't Well now you wanna know Is nothing sacred? And I dont wanna have to compare They don't compare When I see your friends They say it's in my head All my friends seem to think You might leave me for dead I don't remember if its coastal complication It keeps leaving it out And color it up And if you wanna know I won't confront you With all the stupid things That you said