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Frozen Icon (The Awakening)

In retrospect - I would not expect The mythical decline of the freak show I've become and I've undone The cause and effect of every other reject And on the other side of tomorrow I'm done and I've begun To disinfect the mark of the hex Psychological decline of the freak show Of one over-run The marionette of hekat's web Is on the other side of hollow I'm done and I'm the one You are the voice that breathes my name You are my strength and legion You're in my skin, you're in my veins You are my frozen icon I detect - I'll be their subject The evolution of my sorrow Down to a son I'll manifest - they won't expect me Not even try to swallow The black icy gun You are the voice... Take my arms and take my deviant devastations Take my clothes and wash the conscience from your holy nation Take my voice and give the lesser gods food to play with Take my blood and leave the essence of my instigation You are the voice...