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Happy Holidays, Pt. 1 (Ohio Players)

Hi! The Ohio players would like to wish you the happiest of holidays... Snowflakes falling; voices calling Coming out of happy new year Children singing; Santa's bringing... Santa's bringing lots of cheer Kin folks coming from out of town And grandpa's stomach is so big and round Aw, there's really just one thing we wanna say: Happy Holidays! Happy Holiday! O ho ho ho! Happy Holidays. Happy Holidays! Happy Holiday, girl. Huh! Happy Holidays. Happy Holidays! hahaha Kin folks coming from everywhere But you know one thing This time of the year I don't even care There's just one thing that I'm really trying to say and that's a Happy Holidays! Deck the halls for Santa Claus... I wanna stand under the miseltoe I can't wait till new year's day... My resolution will be to love you more This is a time for brotherhood Peace on earth is well understood Brotherly love is the only good Happy Holidays... Chestnuts roasting; people toasting... Bringing in the New Year. Oh dear! Stars so bright on silent night... They came to see the king from far and near If we all love like I know we should The world would be filled with so much good We all live in the same neighborhood Happy Holidays... The Ohio players wanna wish you a very happy holidays Happy holidays... Happy holidays...