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Life Cycles (Watchtower)

One moment's pause One moments retreat Away from the heat... The silent surroundings The black of the predawn sky The chilled air of night All give meaning to the sunrise Without darkness What would we know of light? Day turns to night turns to day A cycle that rules our lives The darkness of night seems distant When the daylight arrives Two steps forward, one step back It's an unbeaten path we tread Sometimes we get blown off track Sometimes we get blown ahead Life's declines precede life's highs Like the lines on a biorhythmic chart Between the lows the beauty lies Don't take your failure to heart We may be dealt some cruel blows By fate's implacable hands Changing the future - changing our goals Laying waste to all of our plans No promises, no guarantees Of a rose-colored existence Progress comes slowly - always met with A measure of ruthless Resistance Whether it's the pleasure of success Or the pain of rejection Life doesn't travel just one way In either direction Bitter cold December Spirits - and time - seem as frozen As the icy ground But time will soon fall And march inevitably ahead The world keeps spinning... Season come, seasons go As we helplessly watch them fly by But life has cycles we can Control In our own hands our destinies lie