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The Mentat (Daniel Lioneye)

Waaargh! Where have you been you fuckface? I have to kneel before my queen whoa fuck it What do ya want me to do? Where are we gonna go? What the fuck do you want form me? She's always coming back to me She's always.. It's always.. What do you want??? You made me do things, You made me bleed now fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck off! What are you waiting for babe? Did I call your name? Demon of dream, you're making me weep You're make me weep weep weep weep Reality's been knocking on my door For a while Reality's been penetrating dream Tonight I'll die Reality's been fucking My mind So fine! Reality's been fucking Meeeeeeee What do you want??? What the fuck do you want??? Why?! Why?! Fuuuuuuuuuckk!!!!!