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It's Alright (Roger Miret and the Disasters)

I wanna kick some heads in I wanna running riot I'm feeling loud and proud Ready for a fight - LET'S GO! Street punk from Brooklyn buys himself a box of matches Straps the 'ol chain, dirty trousers, ripped t-shirt and leather jacket Billy's on his way, say's he's gonna burn the state Gonna burn 'em down - it's alright - burn baby burn An outcast from Queens with an 8 ball in a sock Gonna fight in boot n'braces, cuffed jeans and a fresh #2 crop Jimmy's on a rage, someone's gonna have to pay Gonna set em straight - it's alright - go Jimmy go! Someone's going down tonight - they're going down! Gonna get their heads kicked in Gonna burn em down - gonna burn em down Gonna shake the government Can you feel the rush? Can you hear us shout - let's go! Gonna show them politicians what we're all about I wanna kick some heads in - well it's alright! I wanna running riot - well it's alright! I'm feeling loud and proud - well it's alright! I'm ready for a fight - well it's alright!