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Smash It Up (Roger Miret and the Disasters)

Gonna smash bottles all over the street Gonna cause a threat on society! Yeah I can't wait to fuck it up Gonna run wild gonna smash it up! Down in the heart of alphabet city Yuppies are taking over it, it really makes me sick Disney's on the corner of 42nd and Broadway Slowly pulling the core out of it Isn't it shitty, isn't it a fuckin pity What the hell is wrong with you? Is giving in that easy? Have you a rebellious bone in you? C'mon c'mon, upstarts LET'S GO! Urban rebels taking to the streets Tired of conformity, gonna smash society A revolution call for you and me It's up to us to take back, take back our city Taking over NEW YOUR CITY! SMASH IT UP! Upstarts LET'S GO! LET'S GO!