The Iron Cemetery (Illusion Suite)

Electric tension will foster an iron scourge Inside the tower of Wardenclyffe The weather's running wild Craving force, power fusion, radiant diffraction A whole production managed by one man The tower of Tesla will stand All the world rejoices Now as science brings the world to light But the electromagnetic field of the Earth Brings all to a wild collision This December something's on the rise There's a sign in a dark horizon Cosmic fusion, sky divine Ash from above Makes an illusion Liquified metal rain down Draping the sky in shades this night There was a place called Iron Cemetery And science made it so Forceful and decisive was the ironizing And when metallic smoke had cleared up The human race resembled robotic remains They met their end in silence Watching his act Turning to chaos Trying to finalize a cure Watching his loved ones turn So the years pass in silence without intrusion Then suddenly a fragile flower blooms Diffusing its life-giving fumes Ash from the sky Made its intrusion Forging its liquified crown Down on the living of this world