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When Love Fails (Illusion Suite)

He's staring out the window As his mother leaves He opens a door in his own mind To search for the company he'd love to find This is the first time that he's left behind In Christmas time He tries to make food on the floor he lights up the firework his mom brought home Love fails then something breaks down And out of despair when deceived He is strengthening his fantasy faculties Beating in her daily care With a fist that hurts or self-sustaining mind games The cracks in the wall are beginning to show now Drunk in his bedroom she laughs 'til he wakes Then she scares him with faces she makes In a soft stream he travels now The garden and his fairy let him in Into the great unknown... I travel down Beneath the stones and rocks I go It's a lonely, lonely road I had a talk with my angels and demons On my world of true affliction I rolled the dice, what to do, and believe in? Which way is the best to walk? He narrows his consciousness To a state of mind that astral-travels far Now is he asleep or awake? Alone with his sister he's five years of age He doesn't think he can do this alone On a soft bed he lays her down The window of Anubis lets her in He travelled the stars and then back again His mother is waiting this time On the floor lies his one-year-old sister She's lifeless...