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Shot Me Down (Call the Cops)

You think about it every night before you go to bed You wonder what it would be like to be with me instead But you second guessed and missed your second chance I heard you’d gone a little crazy through a friend of mine I guess it didn’t work with what’s-his-name; you’re up at night Wishing life was like a movie so you could rewind Sometimes mistakes they never end These breaks won’t stop for you again Lately, you looking lonely Could have been with me But no; you shot me down, shot me down I said that you’d be sorry You still replaced me Oh yeah, you shot me down, shot me down Call me up just to say what-up But I know your looking for a little more than that I hope that it hurts now To see me all decked out With someone new now Don’t you wish you never would have shot me down? Back then you thought I was a loser No, you didn’t get it I’d been rising since the minute Damn, you must regret it Yeah, it must suck to be you You should be careful who you choose She looks me in the eye Her lies they read like lines on paper (she shot me down) Down, down from the sky And that’s the reason why I hate her (she shot me down) She was mistaken but now I’m taken I’ll never take her back again