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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Watch Me Make You Hate Me (Call the Cops)

Tell me a secret I hope you can keep it I hope you can keep my secret close Don't tell a soul They'll tell a soul I've been waiting just to say this I've been waiting to let this out I know she sees this I can see it in her eyes no doubt She makes her way downtown She makes her way downtown All I ever wanted was something real All I ever wanted All I wanted was something real Just so I could feel Tell me Don't you know what I think about at night? I'll tell you something I'll tell you something I think of you I met her at a bar And I drove the car back home Back home from chain reactions My distraction? Was it fake eyelashes? I wanted to snatch them right off her eyes X2 Off her eyes X2 I wanted to snatch them I never seen Anything quite so perfect Never seen Anything quite so pure Never seen Anything that I wanted more More than you I never thought I'd meet somebody like this I never thought this feeling ever existed I never knew that I would meet somebody like you But I did But I did You're the shit Bitch you're the sweetest Bitch you're the sweetest And I tried to make my mind up But it never came out right So I know you left him But I need you so here I go I said Girl you're the shit Now I know one thing One thing I know One thing I know Is I'd never let you go for now I've been waiting for something Something that will take my breath away That is you Tonight I'll try and let you go back Where we started Where we started X3