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Lucy Pearl Tells (Pearl Lucy)

Yo man Yo I used to play in this marching band, man You gonna think I'm lying, 'cause I'm telling you, I did Not you Alabama A & M Not you, that's right That's right, that's where I meet Dawn Robinson at Who that fly thang? Boy, don't be calling her fly that's my lil' sister Also Ali dude Ali was trying to go to Alabama A & M, but you know He didn't, he stuck on New York So you know, he just stayed in New York And froze to death Is that the DJ guy? Man, shut up, man, you don't know you sound fake But check it out, anyway we used to do, " I wanna dance tonight" I had a dream that a marching band did it, man So I called you know, the school and I went back to college, man That's were I got all my degree's at We just played on graduation