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Delorean (El-P)

[Aesop] I slash monikers backwards Haggle proof snaggletooth fabulous 5 freddy Krueger finger discount bliss lou retton dismount Spin out of control to doctor basics Bladed secada wings offer awkward facelift Leak laser to fade shit [El-P] I splash commoner fragments, rattle crews, cattle lose Fabulous four finger ringer, backflip, discount mechanism Sex distortion, terror gorn from old favorate phasing Famous danger lacing agent, baby [Aesop] Aim high, when a flying monkey swoops down over Dorothy sound system To capture the bitches and toto too systems Y'all pimps front on some indestructible daytrip with the Lifespan of a box playing public enemy in Sal's famous Feel dystopia vs. Elysium, time ticks and the hand keeps feeding them A billion try to bark revolution when only knee deep in the medium Duck you lucked out, there's 1 out of every 99 fans on the same route Another colossal blunder Born as heir to thom inside of spirit, better scatter for your teepee For every American sleepy teen parked in TV, friendly apartments Carving this creepy nations of p.t. barnums Where you at? I'm right the f**k here right now Where you at? I'm getting the f**k down tonight Where you at? I'm a spread the f**k out something precious Gavels for the guilty rattlesnake bait for the snitches Cackles for the silky shallow lake wades for the midgets Badges for the filthy that'll make hate seem less vicious Shackles for the filthy battle break plates for your interests I'm a strap your dignity down and see what that bitch could bench press Relentless, archon player, after dark parking lot cipher slayer, roll'em Catch snake eyes in 3 dimensions for the artificial martyr Freeze dried poltergeist just add water Excuse me sir do you know how fast you were going? f**k no What's that in the back seat? that's a stolen can of rusto Who's that riding shotgun? that's my homie El-Producto Peddle to the floorboard delorean be gone, peace [El-P] These faggots hit like teddy bears thrown agains wooden doors By a misunderstood teenage girl in a moment of self importance Call it off beat, jagged, ragged, form the pattern The mere thought of sounding like those who you revere fills me with sadness I'm a burner tone and outline bricks with shifty throw up Laminated for my friends who had to croak before I grew up Among the wildly uninhabitable traffic of bad bliss Where the tainted droids of dummy noise cancer gets unhinged See me, kabuki theatre leader, disease clips Tryna handle contrabant of an applause meter tint, bad scrimmages Played with collectable bitch mc cooper mounted miniatures Retard flow bee holder business, the "you don't show me shit" list Megaplex is stress caress, all the time apacoloid, bite bleak void Small world big nose, sonce you're in the closet Anyway see if you can walk to Narnia skippy, save the earthy wisdom I'm immersed in millennial bad touch funk may day man with 808 trunk Ghostface tape bump, tooly clutched, Tony Robbins mantra mouth escape monk Mega-magnetic MRI fingers scanning woman for breast lumps, c'mon chunk Your not a f**kin' goonie, most of these advanced rappers grew up in the forest I'm the walrus, sitting on my cornflake float out to the chorus Sarcasm isn't advanced, it's the inexpirienced mans preference Criticism isn't smart, it's for the artfully dejected Hardly holds the fluid, partly 212 crew, 718 create burner movement Hybrid unfallable, funkadelic truancy smothered Fell into the meat grinder like classic Hustler cover The silky legged ecto-thugs run and hug each other For pilferers of sanctimony coldly pillow smother 1st is the originator (me), 2nd is the influence (you) 3rd is the innovator (me), 4th is the institution (my crew) 5th is perpetuity it lives throught the Delusion Before I hop in the Delorean I shit on Mr.Fusion Great Scott, Doc We need to go back in time to when motherf**kers could rock 88 miles per hour, bring it back to the block and get (Mc Fly) Peel the f**k out before the lightning hit the clock