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Culo Posse (24-7 Spyz)

Culo, culo Itґ not the way you smell Itґs your culo Itґ not the calvin coolers But your culo Iґd be better off with dreams But thatґs not what I need Itґs your culo, the way you move it If I have my chance In my strobe lite room Youґll be bugginґ off me Pile driving you with Mr. R.D. This is something I see I canґt help myself My friends say that it must be felt Itґs true I do believe that I can get that culo anytime Sheґs not really hype... But sheґs got culo Yo, she ainґt your type... But sheґs got culo What a brudmare... But sheґs got culo Go head, bust it... In her culo Culo, culooooo