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Judgement Day (24-7 Spyz)

There will come a time when everything will have to end When all the wrong you've done will be your only friend and as the clock runs down you start to lose control No one can save you now because you sold your soul God wants to know - what you thin think you're doing God wants to know - what is it you've done God wants to know - did you hear the warning I want to know - will I be the one? Judgement days here - now its time to meet your maker Judgement days here - heaven or hell one will take ya Judgement days here - think about the life you've led Judgement days here - yeah! yeah! Why do you try to hide, you can't escape your past you're not the first to sin and you will not be the last Just do for others what you want done back to you 'Cause if you're positive, God will see you through The time is coming and the world is gonna blow and only God decides exactly where well go take my advice and listen to the words I say If you live righteous then your life will be okay