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Stuntman (24-7 Spyz)

Step up to the mirror, tell me what it is you see Really must be hard being you 4 lies you tell, you'll go to hell & I can't even wish you well Soon you'll play yourself and you'll be through People like you want people like me To forget about my integrity Try to pull a scam the best you can Don't like traitors, don't like punks Don't like lyin' thieving chumps Turned out you were just another stuntman! Used to be a time when I considered you a friend Faith in you you know I'd never lack When I found out what you were all about And in my mind there is no doubt My good friend has stabbed me in the back! Record companies mother fuckers! Pullin' stunts like chicken pluckers Tell me what the flavor is today Hardcore, grindcore, guitar, pop Won't play metal, you'll get dropped Then we'll have to send you on your way! But we'll be back!