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Understanding (24-7 Spyz)

Understanding Why do we fight - both black and white cause we don't understand If you give, you get but if you want respect then please understand Hatred begins and no one wins tell me who pays the price From our generation to the next Have respect for human life A man kills another man for things he doesn't understand How can someone take another life If people just don't give a damn can't respect a man for what he is a man Then the world will destruct from racial strife I do believe in self and self-respect is where it starts you have to love yourself before you love And if love must play a part - then it has to come from your heart In order for the pain of hate to cease We got - we got - we got to stop hatred Hatred is something perpetrade by lies We got - we got - we got to have justice The system plays God by who lives or dies We got - we got - we got to have equality Do not judge a man by the color of his skin We need - we need - we need understanding To make this world a better place to live in