Utter Abandon, Never (A Call to Sincerity)

Are you thirsty ? Standing in the rain Are you drowning in some drugs to erase your pain ? Are you searching for something ? Are you crying ? Are you lying ? I don't care of all this shit Are you breathing ? Can you speak to me ? This is the only thing I need to know to believe I hear your pulse and eerie screams I see the sorrow, I feel you bleed Cause nothing could replace this lack of life Untill i finally bring you back Your face haunts my dreams and my eyes keep seeing ghosts I remember the memories we have lost My dear I won't leave you, I'm seeking for some ink And my hands keep writing words, I know that you're hurt too, we'll be laughing upon the tears On the roof of this city I'll feel your breath upon my skin I'll cross the deepest depths to give To give your body a last embrace As the sun embrace the day Your face haunts my dreams and I almost taste your lips I touch your hands, and shivers take me for a trip I crossed the agonies and the winds To take you back to me, to bring you back to me Now I feel the warmth of your hand on my chick And it feels so fucking sweet I'll never let you go (Let you go!), I'll never let you die alone Cause without you, tomorrow means nothing at all