S.o.b. (Sworn Enemy)

You will pay for the sorrow you've dealt the fire will constantly drive pain From me is like none you've felt revenge my ultimate goal only your demise Will set me free I won't res until you bleed for your sins you will pay you Turned your back on me and walked away this is the end you called it quits The line was drawn you stepped over your bounds you lead me to believe that I was wrong your intentions proved that you were nothing but foul I called You a friend I was fooled in the end and now I see you thought I was Defenseless rage has filled my mind your running out of time pain is not all I see it's pure insanity everyday I feel it getting worse is this life a Blessing or is it a curse I let it go on for far to long the pain I feel Inside is the reason for alarm justified or not you made the truth clear This life sentence is the hell that I fear sickning sites will never change We can't hide reality it stays the same Justified or not you made the truth clear this life sentence is the hell That I fear sickning sites will never change we can't hide reality I'm Feeling empty inside You brought this pain on me I'm feeling empty inside my life changed with your greed I'm feeling empty inside black is all that I see I'm feeling empty inside I'm feeling so empty this life is a living hell Like living in an empty shell. S.O.B symptoms S.O.B. of betrayal S.O.B.