These Tears (Sworn Enemy)

Brought into this world for your sins the suffereng it never ends I'll teach you all that I know so in thime you will go and spread my word lead the way ensuring our survival there is no other way that you will learn in time committed to the truth is no crime remember this and you will see the mind can be your own worst enemy open the door knowledge is the key you have the power to fufill your destiny the actions of man speak greater than words through your voice I shall be heard why must I suffer in pain was this endeavor all in vain I'm treated like the man I am not some figment of your imagination the life I lead was pure and true humble servant there for you reaching down within my self to deal with life a living hell wash your hands of for all its for you I bleed watch me suffer upon the cross your sins are what I die for The pain of the guilt you can't hide these tears of blood I've cried upon the cross hands and feet torn crown of thorns placed upon my head sacraficed for your sins but no one wins cause we're really all dead I've created what you have desecrated now all I see is sorrows devistation my final hour is at hand give me the strength to face my last stand I wish that all could understand like you I am just a man flesh and blood I feel the same pain spill my blood the ground will stain now as the end draws near the final moment that I fear my sense is strong good will prevail with my death the next won't fail You give me life Life brought me pain Pain brings sorrow Not all in vain not all in vain Everything I do is not all in vain