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Can't Tell You (acapella) (Soul For Real)

I'll Wait Around All Day To See Your Face Vibe That I Get From You Takes Me To Another Place Where We Can Fly Like Everyones Dream Girl You Holding Me And Me Holding You Cant You Tell Girl (Cant You Tell) I Love You(I Love You) Cant You Tell Girl(Cant You Tell) By The Little Things I Do(Ah) Oh Cant You Tell Baby That(Cant You Tell) We Were Meant To Be(Ah) Give Me A Chance And (Cant You Tell) I'll Always Love You Endlessly(Ah) When We're Together All Alone Brings Something Out Of Me When I Look Into Your Eyes It Takes Me To Ecstacy Never Wanna Lose You Cause You're My Comfort And My Life Just Say Youll Stay With Me Cause Im The Only One Who Treats You Right Hey, Lady, If The Rain Falls And For The Score It Is Our Day You Dont Ask Of What To Me Baby Dont Find A Word To Say And If You Feel You Need Some One I'll Always Be Here To Lift You Up At Times You Feel Most Dark I'll Be Your Sunny Day Now You Say You Never Knew The Way I Always Will Reveal Of Everything That I Expressed To You You Can Never Say That Im Unreal If You Feel You Need Someone Who Can Be The Hero In Your Life Just Come Embrace With Me I'll Make A Never-Ending Paradise Cant You Tell I Love You Baby Cant You Tell Girl By The Little Things I Do Cant You Tell Baby That We Were Meant To Be Give Me A Chance And I'll Always Love You Endlessly Cant You Tell