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Principles (Elitist)

We build our lives upon this, all for us I knew our determination You told me you felt so cold and alone I couldn't take this in, I was so young I will take your hand i will guide you through this pain This suffering, no more reality In all due time we will be perfectly together forever I will lift you up and take you away, we will be stronger I will not see the end of life Are you alone on this planet earth? Take my hand as well as my world We will take everything and not look back We all make mistakes in a world that we don't comprehend We have to keep pushing, we have to fight harder Imagine a life so divine, you and i side by side Dismantle our hate, feel my love for you I promise to bring light Be my fire, ignite my heart You're the only one for me, i swear to you Stick to your principles, it's all you have left