Discover (Tim Booth)

So you gave me a home And you gave me a name And you told me, behave like the others Then you sent me to school Which was all about rules And I learnt to pretend And so I faked my way through school And now I faked my way to you In every face I look for signs of truth And when you cry I take your hand And when you rage I understand Look in my eyes Im not like all the others Its time for you to discover Who I am becoming I may look like a man And talk like a man ButI feel like a man undercover I don't feel real, I feel like a fake In a moment I'll break And so Im prisoner to this guise Im in for life, but what's my crime? Im searching through my race to find Some long lost tribe long lost in time You fear that death will be th end I fear that well come back again I killed you once so lets pretend This time round well be good friends So Ive been abuser and Ive been abused Ive been the Nazi and Ive been the Jew I was the user and now I am used To recover those who wish to discover Who I am becoming.