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How To Stay Alive (Gong)

Take me to your leaders... Let the song man spin it it began at the beginning Twas a sweet green planet Nothing on it, nothing to it Nothing in it, nothing to do With the planet as we know it It's a planet coming to ya but ya Don't know if its there Maybe its here, maybe there Check it underneath the Milky Way Right beside the southern cross I don't think so! Why just cant see it but it aint going away If you dance and sing and everything will Clarify, fructify,multiply, fact finding it Will never satisfy Not the bing bang, not the big bong But the planet called GONG its a singin' and a ringin out This is where I'm coming from This is where that we belong This is where it all began Hu-man They coming out of an intention Which I hesitate to mention Maybe out of space is just a parallel dimesnion They coming down from a planet So far, so near That's where it all began That music you hear It happened to remind me Of a long long story Bout a visit from the stars From some old Babas Professor Paradox and the Octave Doctors Time Doctors on space guitars Those wise avatars from a distant star They have watched us Take us to your leaders! We assume the position of possession of power We chop out the life We live by the knife Cut out the memory That everybody's family One great family Of consciouss humanity The time will come When the Star Men arrive In 2032 they'll be looking at you They're coming down to Earth And it's been so long So very very long ago When they last dared to Come down here And show us what we need to know How to survive without killing the planet man We need to know How to survive without killing the planet