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I Never Glid Before (Gong)

The light gets stronger and all our eyes look yonder to see what's going on But that's all right you'll soon be out of sight and surfing to the sun The moonwheel's turning, the waves unfulling you're learning you're Zero at the centre of the whirlpool Your aquaman and in your hand is a watering, can I now or can I not believe it leave it to be The fun gods winking and we're all blinking and thinking we're sinking in the sea You're in your glider the tide you're riding inside her is turnin with the moony like the sky... boy Okay, you're Mister Illusion Smiling in all this confusion Cos you're young today, tomorrow start to play I'd just like to say No I never No I never ever ever glid before I never - oh no Last warning tide turning Moon burning slow motion Waves that you ride Just to bolster your pride But if it's love that you're after The craft of a hero Will vibe at your side as alone you may glide With a tiny afterthought Flashing as the planet calls I never never glid before Open up the veil and let us take a peep in Thru the moon and diving deep we'll meet the whale Where rides the captain submarine Who told the tale of pixies green That sends us kisses in the brain And out-far planets never seen Except by technicolour dream I never never glid before That's another story - now's the time to go and find The cuppa tea - see