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Wise Man In Your Heart (Gong)

I met a man, a wise old man, the day I lost my pride. He told me he belonged to me but from me he would hide. And that I would not hear his voice until I learned to sing. Now every time I sing I know that I belong. belong to him. Singing O why...Singing O why... He told me he would teach me everything I tried to know. He made me see that you and me are dreamers in a show. And when the days were darkest then he lit them with his moons. And then we crossed the rainbow bridge but we came back... Came back too soon... Singing O why...Singing O why... He showed me where he was Atman that man I could not see. He pointed to the sky until a ladder I could see. I climbed for many lives to find the secret golden flower. And then I woke and found I'd slept for less than half... Than half an hour. Singing O why...Singing O why... He brought us back together then when I was all alone. He made me see I was not just of earth and skin and bone. Well it makes you feel so beautiful you can tell your Self apart. Every time you listen to the wise man in your heart. Singing O why...Singing O why...