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Enemy Of The Gospel (Corporate Avenger)

I piss on your Jesus. I shit on your Mary! Shed light on the lies that hasve tortured so many These are the crosses my ancestors carry. So I piss on your Jesus, I shit on your Mary. Tow the line, follow me blind Let Jesus carry you home. Believe in love from our God above Or we'll beat you to the bone. You label me an enemy of the gospel, but in the end You will die, never fly and the earth will live again. Corporate Avenger Motherfucker Disfunction The gospel chalked full of shit, spit, my enemies, to allies, all lies, cut all lies. Eyes of the higher, desire my own faith. Educate with a brainwash, better watch my mouth if you can't hear, fear, I won't live, See I'm joined with the mothership others trip It don't distract me, where do I stand exactly? You're wack if you have to ask me. Facts be, Christian wars, no metaphors needed, proceeded, treated by treaties, Then beat these to an extinct species, so Mary's lyin in feces and Jesus in urine, And you're in the microscope, clones hope, but never will be net ability, mental agility, Facility the state Of being, fantasizing the powers that be seen, all mc's The eyes are on the wall, so everything's on record, wreck words, religions select yours, only if it's recognized, the ones they don't die Choose! Slang, sanctuary, prepare for brain change. Warped mind linkage, transmitor jamming recievers, send a wavelength of strength full wording. Murmuring you should try learning from V. Revertin, divertin' each E N E M Y then die, at my will. Walking through a minefield of thought mind-filled with terms you're terminal. Whirlwinds'll instill worlds turning We only have two chromosomes, thereomorphic beastlike not animal, but still a mammal. You labeled me an enemy. You labeled me an enemy of the gospel, here I am. You label me an enemy, I'm proud to be and Indian. You labeled me an enemy.