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Burn Out (Drive Fast) (Cali Swag District)

Burn out, burn up burn out Burn out, burn up burn out Burn out, burn up burn out Burn out, burn up burn out It goes pedal to the metal See me flying down the street And if you really want some problems Then I'm driving to the beat My middle finger to police And I'mma make my music blast And you can never make it slow down Cause my shit is way too fast Drive fast drive fast drive fast (Drive fast) Cause if you ain't first then you're last (then you're last) Drive fast drive fast (Drive fast) And if you're moving slow get the fuck up off the road I ain't lost to a motherfuckin' Camero yet I be flying 'round the city and in a mu' fuckin' jet My nigga come correct, I'm sittin' on the set Of big rims and big cars and I get big checks You a rookie I'm a vet, my engine so fresh Custom whip look good and it be gettin' me the sex Hoes love it when I pull up, see that black hood scoop What they say? They be like, "Smoove can we ride with you?" Ay, I look like a hundred grand at the line You just that little boy, I'm that man at the line My shit so hot yo niggas gettin' tans at the line My trunk so loud marching band at the line Green light go, that's all a nigga doin' Til these nothin' ass niggas and bitches, I just keep it movin' I'm sorry, keep it Smoovin', get your weak ass out my face And I ain't turnin' nothin' down so if you niggas wanna race it go See me in the streets and I be drivin' like a maniac Catch me at the light, if you be sixteen you can holla back 80 down my block, my momma say boy you are gonna crash I say I don't drink and drive so I will not be doin' that Drivin' like a fool and I live right by a school Got all the girlies in your school and I bet you're not a fan of that 15 inch kickers keep on kickin' back A nigga hit a nail in the street and got's to fix a flat Kush in my pocket cause the homie harren holdin' that Bad red bone and the passenger just rollin' that Hand on the wheel one hand on the blunt Got money on my mind cause a nigga gotta stunt Married to the whip and I drive that bitch crazy Need a new set of tires cause I burn 'em out daily Motors stay hot, but the weather's so cold And the tops stay dropped Like the panties on the road [Hook]