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...Or Someone Else Will (Krystal Harris)

You say that you love him you belong to him heart and soul then why is he so lonely? Telling me he's had it with it all Too much for him to handle love Yelling & fighting over just the little things I know it's not your fault But you better sacrifice, before I have to close [Chorus 2x] Someone else will someone else will love him like you don't She'll do whatcha couldn't bring yourself to do so I'm telling you to sacrifice or someone else will He told me that you were the first one to take him to church You helped turn him around But that just aint good enough If you're the one who truly loves Sometimes I find myself, thinking you're not good enough You better get it right, and forget your selfish ways or someone else will. [Chorus 2x] Oooh, someone else will. Sometimes I find myself thinking you're not good enough You better get it right And forget your selfish ways I think you're not good enough So someone else will [Chorus 2x] Correct these lyrics Hottest Lyrics with Videos c7b20df92269dbf427c3cb45df99da22