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Lead Me (Krystal Harris)

oh no no no no no lately something’s come over me i once was blind, oh but now i see a power flowing through my soul giving me control making me feel whole [Chorus] lead me, all through the days i go i need you all through my life i know all my life i felt that i would rise above and reach the sky all i needed was a helping hand and there you were for me once again [Chorus] (i need you in my life) (i need you ) now i can thank you for showing the way keeping me strong every day all because of you i can do anything lead me home lead me home please don’t leave me don’t go away cause i need you today in my life [Chorus 2x] cause i need you today in my . . . Correct these lyrics Hottest Lyrics with Videos d45478fd6ed6e66129477f98720b31ca