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You're The Reason (Krystal Harris)

(feat. Backstreet Boys) [CHORUS:] You're the reason Why I found a way, And you're the reason Why I feel this way (You're the reason) And you're the reason Why I have to say, I had to let you know You're my everything [Krystal:] So many times I've been alone, I didn't know what to do I don't know where I'd be If I didn't, I didn't have you You come for me Make me believe, Give me the strength I need Since you came into my life It's been so heavenly, heavenly [Repeat chorus] (Krystal and Nick Carter:] So many things I wanna say to you, I'd give my heart to you Just because You came around And gave me all your All your love [Krystal and AJ McLean:] I would sacrifice My very life, All you have to do Is say the word And there would be No other, no other [Repeat chorus] Don't you know, that you're my reason Why I, Why I sing Oh yeah... No, I could never do anything Without you... you, you... [Repeat chorus 3x] Correct these lyrics Hottest Lyrics with Videos 1868e1fe22de8d4f9792499fc2e3550a