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Glory Electricity (Amplifier)

Beneath the electrically powered sun Well I've been rolling down the assembly line And I've been stuck in flesh for far too long And flowing free's been on my mind Just like an electric shock Become a rainbow one hundred foot tall Just flick a switch to turn it on Be my metallic and conductive girl And we'd be like colours that the heavens spun As we sang along Glory! Glory! And you're so uplifting This feeling that you're giving me Is pure acceleration Some kind of chemistry Whatever's washing over me Is pure intoxication And you're pure acceleration So let's raise hands and rejoice Like electricity You are my remedy Now that I'm polarised - 240 Volts Yes I'm black and white on a cinema screen I'm so energised I'm gonna burst But you've gotta charge me first And glory electricity the way you power me Well glory electricity the way you shower me Glory! Glory!