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Panzer (Amplifier)

Slip coma deep inside an industrialist's mind And pour yourself into the creased appeal of a financeman's suit You keep on exchanging handshakes and smiles With chatshow hosts like butterflies Fly down And hide in the zeros and the ones And let's all sing Hallelujiah! The missile can fly! Decode the cypher The cryptic message within a government health warning And it's the same song everytime Oh no! Your big mushroom cloud Has gone and it's fucked up my view Don't matter which way we're facing So long as we're rolling forward Well we could seek a world of jackpots And corporate value And learn to leave our uglyselves behind You've got to feel the power as it flows From businessmen and motherlodes Become a soul of pure caffeine Live life like a coke machine Hallelujiah! Praise god for Hollywood teeth! Crash your karma into little bits of happiness Now it's ok - I know a quick and easy way We ain't divine - we all got our faults But seismic minds think seismic sized thoughts Mister exectutive man pick your way through the debris Lubricate your gun between the devil and the sea Sleeping solvent and sound And ethically free Right upon my back A panzer running over me While I had my hands in the air Invoice me - and then your mother